Knitting Again Is Like Christmas In July!

Mardi Gras Scarf

Let The Good Times Roll!

I haven’t knit anything for months now but started something new this morning. A friend of a friend found my website via facebook. Evidently she found the web gallery of my hand knit scarves. She sent me a message from my website thinking it would be fun to have some scarves in Mardi Gras colors as she attends the celebration in New Orleans every year. We completed the conversation via email, resulting in an order for 2 scarves in Mardi Gras colors and her telling me  “I am so excited. Knock your creative socks off.” Now that’s my kind of customer…trusting the artist to just do her thing without any parameters other than some green, purple, and gold. I accepted this fun knitting challenge and am once again enjoying this other stress reliever. Knitting, like beading, helps me relax in the evenings so it is more like therapy than work.

I approach my knitting in much the same way I do my other mediums. It is a playful experimentation with endless combinations of colors and textures. While many of my added art forms may seem to stray far from my usual work, I am actually quite amazed at how each one influences another. I think my customers will find a continuity in my use of color, textures, and the mix and variety used in each. I feel that in each of these somewhat overdone mediums I have struck a unique cord to create something new in clay, beads, or knitwear. My goal in creating anything is to bring a new voice, my unique voice, to the tried and true and sometimes overdone crafts. My aim is to experiment in such a way that I may take each simple craft to a more artful level. The materials themselves are often what calls me to play with a new craft. I was definitely called to knitting by the aisles and aisles of soft, colorful, textures of the new yarn offerings and the tactile “feel good” aspect of these materials. Color is a feast for my eyes, excites me and just stirs my soul. Finally I succumbed to the call and fell in this pit head over heels building an over the top yarn stash. I’m hooked on knitting, yet know I’ll stick to simple stitches and shapes, concentrating of the joy of color, feel, and texture, for it to be therapeutic and relaxing for me.

So in this hot Texas month I feel like I’m a kid celebrating Christmas in July as I dig though my yarn stash pulling together fun combinations and thinking forward to Mardi Gras in the cool month of February. And speaking of Christmas in July, it is never too early to start thinking about your Christmas gift orders before the busy season is smacking us in the face. Let the needles click away the stresses of life and let the good times roll or Laissez les bon temps rouler!

To view my website gallery of scarves, click the image above.

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