Feeling “One In The Spirit” Today

Today I celebrate many years of marriage with my husband so I am personally feeling the spirit of this One In The Spirit jewelry design. I designed this piece to symbolize marriage or a Christian union of two.

anniversary, marriage, wedding jewelry

"One In The Spirit" Sterling Silver Pendant, Anniversary Design

This was one of my first jewelry designs where I combined many symbols to tell one story. It comes with a nice printed box enclosure presentation of this symbolism and message: Two hearts joined together by and in Christ form a union, which is encompassed by the Holy Spirit. I designed this as a symbol for a Christian marriage or union. A combination of many symbols…the outside line of the design suggests a descending dove, which encompasses the two hearts, forming a fish marked with a cross as they join.

This is an excellent choice for anniversary, wedding, marriage proposal, or valentine’s day jewelry gifts or any just because I love you occasions. I just mailed one out this week to a man who will be making his wife very happy on their upcoming anniversary.

Happy Anniversary to my husband today! I’m feeling the love!

(click the image to view all the purchasing details on my website)

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