Fat Tuesday and the Art Warrior

Fat Tuesday is here and has me wanting to pull out a few celebratory stops on this last day before Lent. Maybe it’s those Mardi Gras colors speaking to me again, but I think I heard my “Art Warrior” here sending me a few messages in preparation for Lent.

Warrior Spirit Block By CeliaCloweCreations

My "Art Warrior" made by CeliaCloweCreations

This beautiful piece was made by an artist friend. She calls these mixed media pieces Spirit Blocks. (Click the image to visit her website). When I selected it at a spring art show I didn’t know it’s name. After deciding to buy it, I looked at the tag and saw it was named “Warrior”. So I say this piece symbolizes my art warrior spirit. It has a place in my house near a door that leads me out of my house and into my studio.

Sometimes I give something up for Lent but I almost always take something on as a Lenten discipline. My “From The Heart Line” of Christian symbol faith inspired jewelry began as a Lenten discipline. So I am pondering on this last day before Lent just how disciplined I’ll be this year. I have promised to get in the studio and make more art for the glory of God. Utilizing my God-given gifts is good stewardship, giving God a good return on his investment in me. But discipline is not always my strong suit so it will be a challenge. For me, the point of any discipline or giving up in Lent is to forge a stronger relationship between God and me. Maybe I’ll blog a little about the challenges along this Lenten journey or maybe I’ll need to give up some blogging time for more time in the studio. My Lenten discipline will take shape as I journey though the next 40 days and hopefully I’ll reach Easter with a whole new body of work.

So maybe my “Art Warrior” here will be whispering a few more messages for me as I head out the door to my studio. Or maybe her serene spirit will be a reminder to spend my studio time as meditation time in conversation with my Great Creator who inspires my work. Or maybe she’ll just serve as a quiet reminder for me to stop procrastinating and get out there and get to work. The journey begins… tomorrow…

Today I have a little more celebrating left to do.

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