I’m entering 2021 with a renewed interest in breathing some life into my neglected web presence. While I have down-shifted my professional life into semi-retirement mode, I am still living creatively in faith with plenty to share.

Life Journey

I have found a good fit with Fine Art America, a print-on-demand service for artists. This allows me the opportunity to offer my nature photography to be purchased on a variety of products they offer. My prime subject matter is the beloved butterfly, which is near and dear to my heart. The products include wall art complete with framing services, apparel ~ T-shirts and masks, tote bags, throw pillows, notecards, notebooks, mugs, cell phone cases, and jigsaw puzzles. Orders are fulfilled from payment, print, and shipping by Fine Art America. Another way to shop for even more products is through my website on the sister site

This seems to be a good marriage of hobby and creativity in my semi-retirement. As an artist, passionate butterfly gardener, butterfly whisperer, caterpillar wrangler, and student of nature, I enjoy sharing and teaching about my passion through my photography. My motivation is to spread a little more joy into the world, sharing the soothing balm of nature through my photography.

A bit more about the “semi” in my semi-retirement. I’m constantly defining and shaping just what this means for me. Most people retire to make room for other things in life besides work. That’s my aim. I’m still offering the jewelry and other art that I make on my own website at, but I only offer the work that I have made in current inventory, and no longer accept custom orders.

Life marches on, ever changing and morphing, as we molt and transform in our own life metamorphoses. May we embrace the beauty that always emerges.

Gulf Fritillary Butterflies
Love Is In The Air