Handcrafted “Loco For Cocoa” Skin Treats

My New Handcrafted Skin Treats

My favorite new word is “multipotentialite” and my favorite motto of the day is “Don’t think ‘out of the box’, think like there is no box”. I’m giving myself permission to go all over the place with my creative endeavors these days as long as it makes my heart glad and puts good stuff out into the realm. Making a new line of handcrafted skin treats is my latest undertaking as I “just say no” to living in a box. And the art & faith reflection here?  It’s quite simple…my faith has taught me to follow my heart and trust in the journey, listening and discerning as I go.

I’m already getting great feedback and testimonies from family testers and satisfied customers on these new products so wanted to share my excitement here! I’m making my own, all natural skin treats for thirsty skin. Most are built on a wondrous base of raw cocoa butter that smells yummy as you soften your skin with ingredients good enough to eat! All natural, “good for us” ingredients to nourish the skin while calming the spirit with pleasing aromatherapy. No added chemical fragrances needed with the natural smell-good properties of cocoa butter and coconut oils. I’m currently offering a solid Lotion Bar Stick $14, Lotion Bar in Tin $7, 3 sizes of Body Butter $9, $15, $19, Lip Balm $2, and Roll On Bottled Moisturizing Oils $5 ea. All available to order from my website with a click through PayPal purchase or contact me with a message about what you want, I’ll run a total with shipping and tax, and arrange a convenient payment option of your choice. I’ll also have these with me at future shows or they can be purchased and sampled locally at our store in Katy, TX. You’ll find lots of information about the ingredients and products with each listing as you explore the lotions and potions on my website at nancydenmark.com. Remember Valentine’s Day is one week away and this could just be the new twist on your Valentine chocolate gifting.

Loco For Cocoa Body Butter

Loco For Cocoa Body Butter whipped to the consistency of a mousse or souffle.

More about all this good stuff later as I’m blogging on the run this morning (that just turned to noon during final edits). I’m preparing for a run of shows starting this week… so back to the studio to finish some more jewelry-making. And as always click any blog photo to link to the product on my website.

Credits: While in the midst of creating this new product line and thinking I was off in left field but doing it anyway…I discovered my new favorite word “multipotentialite” through a blog post by Emilie on Puttylike. It was total validation to stay the course. I stumbled upon Emilie’s blog post through a link from Dan Johnson of Right Brain Rockstar. Fun bloggers out there in the blogosphere….go check them out (after you’ve explored all my new stuff of course!)