Working as if it were a prayer

“There are some people who, in order to pray, use as an excuse the fact that life is so hectic that it prevents them from praying. This cannot be. Prayer does not demand that we interrupt our work, but that we continue working as if it were a prayer.”  – Mother Teresa


Carving Wax Model for Bishop Doyle's Pectoral Cross

I ran across this quote this morning that sustains the theme of my recent blog posts. I have learned to recognize my thoughts while working, as a form of prayer, and my continual inner conversations to be conversations with God, therefore a form of prayer. I know I would benefit from more intentional quiet time in prayer but I find that I am not so disciplined in my prayer life. My life is hectic. Yet, I am grateful of the awareness that I can live out my life as a prayer. Everything I do can be a prayer, so maybe there is more intention there than I realize. At least there is an intention to live my life as a prayer. Just reflecting here on this quote. Any commentary? Thoughts from others are welcome. I’ll close with another quote from Mother Teresa that speaks to living life as a 24 hour prayer.

“It is not necessary to always be meditating, not to consciously experience the sensation that we are talking to God, no matter how nice this would be. What matters is being with Him, living with Him, in His will. To love with a pure heart, to love everybody, especially to love the poor, is a twenty four hour prayer.”  – Mother Teresa

Hoping my junk may shine today…

Shine In My Heart, being a prism of The Light… This same theme still seems to be surfacing daily this week and I hope it is there at some level 365 days a year.

As I was posting my morning facebook status with my cup of espresso (my morning ritual)… I was led to look up the word transfiguration to see if I was using it correctly and I loved the definition and example I found. Dictionary: “a complete change of form or appearance into a more beautiful or spiritual state: in this light the junk undergoes a transfiguration; it shines”.

The word transfiguration usually brings to my mind a very out of this world happening as I would imagine the Transfiguration of Christ. I loved seeing the word used in such an ordinary way in this dictionary. So my thought and focus for the day became a hope that I may be transfigured in some way. May my junk… my personal baggage, my woes, my heartbreak, my weaknesses… somehow be made to shine today.

To me, this means filtering everything in my life through that prism in my heart, which can make the ugliest of things shine. That is the transformative nature of my life of faith in Christ Jesus. Everything may be made new, redeemed, filtered by that prism, darkness made light.

jewelry polishing

Finishing & Polishing

One of the tasks facing me today is to finish and polish some of my silver castings for a show this weekend. The process involves bringing rough and dull silver castings to a bright, shiny, lustrous state of polished sterling silver. The theme and metaphor is obvious there! This finishing process is a mundane, repetitive, and dirty task that I honestly do not like to do. I have found ways to find some joy in it. As I think negatively about the drudgery of the job, I try to turn those negative thoughts around and pray for the individual who will eventually be wearing the piece I am polishing. Today as I polish, I will pray the wearer may experience the transformative power of our Lord in a personal way in his/her own life. I will pray that their “junk” may be made to shine. May my own personal junk be redeemed as I pray for others today.

Shine on prisms! Show your light today!

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