Colorful Collage Crosses For The Wall


Many colorful collage crosses for the wall are ready to purchase from my website. This one shown above is called One In The Spirit based on one of my favorite jewelry designs. Two hearts joined together by and in Christ form a union, which is encompassed by the Holy Spirit. I designed this as a symbol for a Christian marriage or union. A combination of many symbols…the outside line of the design suggests a descending dove, which encompasses the two hearts, forming a fish marked with a cross as they join.

Many of these crosses are made in collaboration with Patti Reed. We cover wood crosses with a collage of special papers and fibers and I further embellish them with a combination of my symbol designs made in polymer clay, my handmade polymer clay beads, and wire. The swirling of beads on the wires express the Spirit in motion flowing around us and through us into the world. The rich colors emote the depth of joy we find in faith and each symbol tells a resonant story of Christian faith. Each cross comes with a gift enclosure that includes the symbolism and tells about the artists.

All of these crosses measure 8″ X 4.5″ and most are priced $30 – $40 each (without shipping). Prices on the website include shipping to US addresses and may be purchased directly from the website using the purple price links. The purchase links are found just under the item title line on the crosses available for purchase. We also show crosses that have sold as examples of colors and symbols that may be special ordered. Each is one of a kind but we can make something similar upon request. Leave a message from the website contact page to initiate an order or inquiry.

Hand Crosses For Tactile Prayer

Wow! I’m continually surprised by the number of people who find my website because of these hand crosses I form out of polymer clay and shape to fit the hand. Due to this supply and demand issue, I struggle to keep them made and on my website for individual sale. I do find myself accepting and filling orders for them all year long. To order, contact me from my website with how many you would like and any deadline you need them by and I will let you know if it is feasible. I keep many photos on my website of past orders as examples. Specific colors, text, imprints, and patterns may be requested when ordering. However, I make each one individually by hand so they are all unique.

I was recently asked to make 150 of these hand crosses for my hometown church, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Orange, Texas. This is where I grew up, receiving my strong foundation of faith, while attending church from birth until leaving for college, and attending St. Paul’s Day School from Kindergarten through 4th grade. On October 20th, St. Paul’s joyously celebrated 150 years of ministry in Orange, Texas. I was fortunate to be able to attend with my sisters and mom and to share the festivities with lifelong friends. These hand crosses were given to every woman in attendance at the anniversary event. It was such a blessing for me to receive this order from a place so near and dear to my heart.

Hand Cross Order created by Nancy Denmark for 150th Anniversary Celebration of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Orange Texas.

Hand Cross Order created by Nancy Denmark for 150th Anniversary Celebration of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Orange Texas.

Close up images of many of these groups of crosses may be viewed on my website as examples of what I can make to order. I have photos showing many examples of how I have customized them for special group orders. Here are just a sampling of themes available shown below.

Faith Hope Love Hand Crosses by Nancy Denmark

Joyful Angel Hand Crosses by Nancy Denmark

Dragonflies And Swirls Hand Crosses by Nancy Denmark

Celtic Knot Hand Crosses by Nancy Denmark

Hand Crosses As Prayer Tools

I make these hand held crosses with polymer clay and shape to fit the hand. They may be used as a tactile focusing tool for personal prayer and meditation.

Nancy Denmark's polymer clay hand crosses

Polymer Clay Hand Crosses For Prayer & Comfort

A local ministry recently ordered 50 hand crosses to be included in comfort kits for cancer patients. Working as a prayer is inevitable as I work on an order like this. Even though I was pushing an overdue deadline, while preparing for large shows at the same time, the power of the end use of these hand crosses, slowed me down to form each cross with an intention of prayer.

“There are some people who, in order to pray, use as an excuse the fact that life is so hectic that it prevents them from praying. This cannot be. Prayer does not demand that we interrupt our work, but that we continue working as if it were a prayer.”  – Mother Teresa

Dear Lord, help me to always fill my work with you, with focused intention, in continual dialog with you.